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Must I report any changes of ownership to the WIC Program?

Yes.  You must notify us of any changes in the “controlling persons” of your store:  any of the managers, owners, shareholders, partners or corporate officers.  Please call (651)215-9694 or (651)201-4415 to report any changes.

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When should I notify the WIC Program about a change of ownership at the store?

According to federal regulations and State Rules governing the WIC Program, you must notify the WIC Program of any change in ownership before the change takes place.  If you fail to do so and continue to redeem WIC vouchers, your store will be ineligible for WIC authorization for one year, and will be required to reimburse the WIC Program for the cost of the vouchers redeemed after the effective date of the change.

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Can my store continue to accept WIC vouchers if there has been a change of ownership?

It depends.  If the change does not result in anyone new coming into the ownership (if, for example, one partner leaves the ownership, but the other partner remains), then we will simply change our records to reflect the change, your vendor agreement will remain in effect, and your store can continue to accept WIC vouchers. 

If, however, the change results in someone new coming into the store’s ownership (a new partner, new shareholder(s) that will own more than 20% of a business, or a new sole proprietor), the agreement between the WIC Program and the store will be null and void as of the date of the change of ownership, and the store will not be able to accept vouchers until a new agreement is in place. 

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What does my store need to do to accept WIC vouchers again?

Contact the WIC Program as soon as you know a change in ownership will occur.  We will let you know if you must reapply for authorization.  If you submit a completed application early enough, a new agreement may be executed very quickly. 

If a store has changed ownership, it can apply for vendor authorization under one of two separate application processes: 

1. Change of Ownership Application: This is a somewhat streamlined process, in which a store can receive a vendor agreement fairly quickly. A new owner can qualify for this application process if:

a. A complete application is submitted to the WIC Program prior to the date of change.

b. A streamlined change of ownership application hasn't been submitted for that same store within the past 12 months.

c. The person who was responsible for training cashiers under the old ownership will remain in that position under the new ownership.

d. The store under the previous ownership had not committed any serious program violations within the last two years.

e. None of the people involved in the new ownership were involved with another WIC vendor which committed a serious program violation in the last two years.

f. The store hasn't accepted any vouchers after the effective date of the change of ownership.

g. The store meets all of the WIC Program Requirements.

h. A representative of the store has attended a WIC Program training session within the last year.

2. New Store Application Process: If a new owner cannot meet the conditions above, the store will need to reapply under the new store application process. Please see Information for New Stores.

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How long will it take for my store to be able to accept WIC vouchers?

We strive to process new applications as quickly as possible.  If your store is able to meet the conditions of the Change of Ownership Application Process, your store will be sent a new vendor agreement as soon as your application is received and reviewed. 

If your store instead applies as a new store, the WIC Program must notify you of the approval or disapproval of your business within four months of the date your complete application is received by the WIC Program.  It typically takes much less time than this; a vendor applicant could receive notice of authorization or disapproval within as little as 4 weeks.

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