UPC Codes - MN WIC APL (Approved Product List)

UPC Codes - MN WIC APL (Approved Product List)

UPC/Product List for WIC-Allowed Foods

MN WIC Program

A link to the Minnesota WIC APL (Approved Product List) is found below. The APL lists all of the WIC allowed foods (except fresh fruit and vegetables) and includes UPCs and product descriptions. It is in an excel spreadsheet with the complete list on the first tab and separate food categories on the other tabs.

MN WIC APL - August 29, 2018 (EXCEL)


Submitting Product Information for Review

If you think a product should be added to the APL, email product information to: Health.mnwicupc@state.mn.us.

Attach clear pictures of the label that include all of the following information:

  • Brand name
  • Product name
  • Package size
  • Ingredient list
  • Nutrition Facts label
  • Full UPC Code (usually 12 digits)

This UPC/Product Update will be added to the APL and the My Minnesota WIC App soon. If your store carries any of these items, please flag them in your cash register system to scan as WIC allowed.

MN WIC UPC/Product Update 09/20/2018 (PDF - most recent update)


Past UPC Updates

The products on these updates are already included in the APL and scan as WIC allowed in the My Minnesota WIC App.

UPC Update 08/29/2018 (PDF)

UPC Update 08/14/2018 (PDF)

UPC Update 08/01/2018 (PDF)

UPC Update 07/13/2018 (PDF)

UPC Update 05/14/2018 (PDF)

UPC Update 04/12/2018 (PDF)

UPC Update 03/12/2018 (PDF)

UPC Update 12/21/2017 (PDF)

UPC Update 09/12/2017 (PDF)

UPC/Product Deletions for July 1, 2017 (EXCEL)