Updated: January 28, 2015

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WIC MATTERS Newsletter for Vendors January 2015 Edition

The January 2015 edition of the WIC Matters Newsletter for Vendors was recently mailed out to every retail food vendor in the State. This edition contains a first glimpse into the changes coming up to the WIC allowed foods in April 2015, as well as some initial information on group training for vendors scheduled for spring and summer of this year. The newsletter can be viewed online at:

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Updated Special Formula Price List January 2015

The Special Formula Price List has been updated to reflect the following price changes:

  • Abbott: Jevity 1 Cal. New maximum $1.83/container
  • Abbott: Jevity Plus 1.2 Cal. New Maximum $2.12/container
  • Abbott: Polycose delete discontinued
  • Abbott: Similac Expert Care Neosure 2 oz. RTF. New maximum $1.27/container
  • Abbott: Vital Jr delete discontinued
  • Nutricia: Neocate Junior. New maximum $46.68/container
  • Nutricia: Neocate Junior w/ Prebiotics. New maximum $46.68/container
  • Nutricia: Neocate Nutra. New maximum $45.67/container

This updated list can be found on our website at:

WIC Special Formula Price List
(PDF: 260KB/4 pages)
- updated January, 2015

If you have questions, please contact Rick Chiat at (651) 201-4401 or by email at:

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UPC/Product Update posted

The most recent Update to the WIC-Allowed Foods is posted on our website at:

Once on this page, click on the following section found near the top of the page:

Update Section for UPC/Product Listing

The newest updates are at the top of the list and titled:

UPC Update 01/28/2015 (PDF: 87KB/4 pages)

If you have any questions regarding the WIC-Allowed Foods, please contact Karilyn Schrankler at:

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Information below was updated on or before 7/16/2014.

New WIC Fruit and Vegetable Voucher for Infants

As a result of the final WIC food package rule published by USDA earlier this year, most infants 9-11 months old will now receive a $4 or $8 fruit and vegetable voucher in place of some of the 4 ounce infant fruit and vegetable containers that they now receive. These vouchers are different than the typical fruit and vegetable voucher because they list only fresh fruit and vegetables. Below is an example of an infant $4 fresh fruit and vegetable voucher:

Image of infant benefit with fruits and vegetables on it

Please make sure all store cashiers are made aware of this version of the fruit and vegetable voucher.

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Sample Vouchers for Cashier Training

At the request of several stores, the Minnesota WIC Program has developed a Microsoft Word template that stores can use to print sample vouchers. These vouchers can be used in mock transactions to help train store cashiers on what it is like to shop with a voucher in the store and to help them better understand how to properly transact a WIC voucher.

The First and Last Day to Use dates on the vouchers can be changed to meet your training needs, and they are formatted to print three vouchers per sheet.

If you would like a copy of the documents, please contact Beth Shaw at: (651) 201-4416 or

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4.25 Ounce Beech Nut Infant Foods Are NOT WIC Allowed

Many Beech Nut brand infant fruits and vegetables are WIC Allowed, but a new product line of Beech Nut infant fruits and vegetables is packaged in 4.25 ounce jars and these are NOT WIC Allowed. All WIC Allowed fruits and vegetables must be in 4 ounce containers. WIC-Allowed Beech Nut infant fruits and vegetables in 4 ounce jars are labeled as Beech Nut Classics or Beech Nut Goya. In addition, the Beech Nut Homestyle Textures Stage 2 product line has been discontinued.

The complete listing of WIC-Allowed infant foods can be found at:

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Sign up for UPC/Product Updates

The online UPC listing of the WIC-allowed foods is frequently revised. Revisions identify new brands, discontinued products and product changes sent to us by the manufacturers. Changes made to the list are compiled on an Update page and posted to our website. We encourage you to update your scanning system as soon as possible to reflect the changes. These Update pages can be found on the website at:

If you would like to receive notification when these UPC changes are posted to our website, please send an email to:

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