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The Minnesota WIC Program remains open during the partial shutdown of the federal government. WIC vendors
must continue accepting all WIC vouchers and eWIC cards at
this time. MN WIC has received adequate funding to continue reimbursing WIC vendors as usual.

Additionally, WIC vendors should expect all eWIC vendor readiness activities including, In-Person Group Training Sessions and Live Shopping Tests, to continue as planned.

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Updated January 3, 2019

The Minnesota Department of Health WIC Program is responsible for authorizing, training, monitoring and insuring compliance on the part of all new stores and stores currently participating in the WIC Program.

We recognize that every vendor participating in the WIC Program has a vital role to play in the overall success of the WIC Program in Minnesota.

You help improve the health and nutrition status of the WIC customers shopping at your store simply by:

  • Providing participants with a good choice of WIC-allowed foods
  • Insuring participants receive the correct kinds and amounts of these foods

We hope this website will provide easy access to all of the information that you need to understand the WIC Program requirements.

We welcome your feedback and questions at all times!