Annual Quality Improvement Report on the Nursing Home Survey Process and Progress Reports on Other Legislatively Directed Activities

Report to the Minnesota Legislature 2004

Minnesota Department of Health - December 15, 2004

Chapters I through IV   (pdf:21pages:115kb)

V. Appendices

    Appendix A. Minnesota Session Laws 2004 (pdf/ 4 pages/23kb)

    Appendix B. Deficiency and CMS Remedy Table  (pdf:2 pages:17kb)

    Appendix C. MDH Information Bulletin #04-9 Federal SNF/NF Deficiencies Related to Outcome, Assessment and/or Care Planning Findings, Effective Date- June 21, 2004

    Appendix D. Actions to Promote Integrity Through Consistent Implementation of the Survey Process  (pdf:4 pages:21kb)

    Appendix E. How To Access MDH Reports  (pdf:1 page:18kb)

    Appendix F. Priorities for Implementation of the MAD Report Recommendations (10/07/04 Grid)  (pdf:9 pages:36kb)

    Appendix G. MDH Information Bulletin #04-14 Family Councils/Groups and Survey Tool

    Appendix H. Technological Innovations to Assist Providers  (pdf:2 pages:24kb)


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