About the Minnesota Health Care Facilities Programs

About the Minnesota Health Care Facilities Programs

Through our Health Regulation Division we license and inspect a broad range of health care facilities and providers—including hospitals, nursing homes, home care providers, hospice providers and other health care facilities. We also certify facilities to take part in the federal Medicare and Medicaid programs.

We ensure that facilities are complying with applicable laws and rules—both state and federal. We issue correction orders for violations of state licensing requirements, and we notify providers of certification deficiencies that potentially affect their participation in Medicare and Medicaid. We take appropriate legal action against facilities that fail to come into compliance with state or federal law.

We conduct annual inspections to assess the quality of care provided by facilities that take part in Medicare or Medicaid—including nursing homes, intermediate care facilities for the mentally retarded, and institutions that care for persons with mental illness. We assign residents of these facilities to one of eleven "case mix" categories, based on the amount of care they need and receive. That information is used to determine the amount facilities are paid to provide care—for both private-pay patients and Medical Assistance patients.

Through our Office of Health Facility Complaints, we receive and investigate complaints about all state-run, state-licensed or federally-certified health care facilities in the state. The Office handles complaints involving neglect or abuse of patients covered by Minnesota’s Vulnerable Adults law, as well as possible violations of the state Patients and Residents Bill of Rights law. We determine whether complaints involve violations of state or federal laws and rules, and take appropriate corrective action. When appropriate, we may refer complaints to law enforcement personnel or other government agencies.

Our Engineering Services Section reviews and approves all plans and specifications for construction of new health care facilities, as well as renovations or additions to existing facilities. This review ensures that facilities meet state and federal building and fire codes applicable to the population served by the particular facility.

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