Health Policy Information and Compliance Monitoring
Guidelines for Completing Internet data entry:

1) "Annual Statistical Report to the Commissioner of Health"

Note: Before performing data entry, you should first complete the paper copy of the report. This will assist in data entry and provide you with a file copy.


To data enter statistical reports over the Internet open the following web page:

A) Enter the HFID
B) Enter Validation Code

Both codes are found on the original sheet mailed to you by the Department of Health. After entering the required codes, click the "Submit" button" .


The top of each data entry web page will show one of the two menus listed below. These links will allow you navigate through the data entry screens for completion of the required statistical report information.

The menu choice which is not linked illustrates the page of the form you are currently working on.

After completing the statistical reports, run the "Run Edits" for the Annual Statistical Report and correct all errors in the data system before finalizing your report..

3. Remember: You must click the "Update" button at the bottom of each web form page or your entries will not be saved.

After completing the data entry, run the edit checks. When you are finished please "Finalize your Report" from the last page. You do not need to mail a completed copy of the report to the Department of Health, but please keep a copy for your own records. If Health Department staff have questions regarding the report, they may contact you later.


If you experience problems entering your information contact:

Darlene Zappa at 651-201-4126