About the Engineering Services Program

The Engineering Services Section is responsible for the enforcement of state and federal rules and regulations relating to physical plant for purposes of state licensure and federal certification of health care facilities. The scope of these responsibilities encompasses both construction of new spaces and modifications to existing spaces. The Section is also responsible for the ongoing Life Safety Code survey program for Medicare and Medicaid certification of those facilities.

Engineering Services receives plans and specifications for 20 to 30 construction projects each month. The annual value of these constructions projects is generally $200 to $250 million. These projects range from construction of a completely new health care facility to remodeling of existing interior spaces. The section also plays a key role in the Moratorium Exception review process.

To find out more about the services provided, or to discuss any new or existing projects, please contact the staff engineers by telephone or in writing:

James Loveland, P.E., Program Manager
Telephone: (651) 201-3710
Email: jim.loveland@state.mn.us

Robert F. Dehler, P.E., Engineer Senior
Telephone: (651) 201-3711
Email: robert.dehler@state.mn.us

Rex Stromquist, P.E., Engineer Senior
Telephone: (651) 201-3713
Email: rex.stromquist@state.mn.us

Benjamin Zwart , P.E., Engineer Senior
Telephone: (651) 201-3715
Email: benjamin.zwart@state.mn.us

Georgann Francisco - Administrative Support
Telephone: (651) 201-4229
Email: georgann.francisco@state.mn.us


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