Life Safety Code Documentation Project

Policy Regarding Revisions to the Documentation Project (PDF:1 page)

Introduction to Documentation Project

  • Documentation Guide: Fire/Life Safety (PDF:29k:2 pages)

Staff Training

  • Staff Training (PDF:29k:3 pages)
  • Sample Training Record (MSWord: 1 page)

Fire Safety and Evacuation Plans

  • Fire Safety and Evacuation Plans (PDF:34k:4 pages)
  • Sample Hospital/Health Care Center Plan (MSWord: 9 pages)
  • Sample Nursing Home Plan (MSWord: 22 pages)

Fire Drills

  • Fire Drills (PDF:30k:3 pages)
  • Fire Drill Report Form (PDF:30k:2 pages)

Systems out of Service

  • Systems out of Service (PDF:31k:3 pages) (Revised 1-28-09)
  • Fire Protection Systems out of Service Policy (MSWord: 3 pages) (Revised 1-28-09)
  • Fire Watch Log (MSWord: 2 pages)

Emergency Generators Inspection and Testing

  • Generator Inspection/Testing (PDF:41k:7 pages)
  • Emergency Generator - Weekly Inspection List (MSWord: 2 pages)
  • Emergency Generator - Monthly Test Log (MSWord: 2 pages)

Interior Finishes and Furnishings

  • Interior Finishes and Furnishings (PDF:72k:9 pages)
  • Sample Interior Finish Policy (MSWord: 2 pages)
  • Sample Floor Finish Policy (MSWord: 2 pages)
  • Sample Drapes/Curtains/Decorations Policy (MSWord: 3 pages)
  • Sample Furnishings Policy (MSWord: 2 pages)
  • Sample Mattress Policy (MSWord: 2 pages)

Fire Sprinkler Systems

  • Maintenance and Testing of Fire Sprinkler Systems (PDF:54k:7 pages)
  • Fire Sprinkler System Historical Log (MSWord: 2 pages)

Battery Operated Lighting

  • Maintenance of Battery-Operated Emergency Lights (PDF:28k:3 pages)
  • Battery-Operated Emergency Lights Test Log (MSWord: 2 pages)

Smoking Regulations

  • Smoking Regulations (PDF:31k:3 pages)
  • Smoking Policy (MSWord: 2 pages)

Fire Alarm Testing

  • Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems (PDF:97k:9 pages)
  • Fire Alarm System Historical Record (MSWord: 2 pages)
  • Fire alarm System: Semiannual Inspection Log (MSWord: 2 pages)
  • Smoke Detector Sensitivity Test Report (MSWord: 2 pages)
  • Battery-Operated Smoke Detector Maintenance Log (MSWord: 2 pages)

Kitchen Hood Systems

  • Protection of Kitchen Cooking Equipment (PDF:29k:3 pages)
  • Sample Kitchen Hood Fire-Extinguisher Log (MSWord: 2 pages)
  • Commercial Kitchen Hood Fire System Report (MSWord: 2 pages)

Fire/Smoke Dampers

  • Maintenance and Testing of Fire/Smoke Dampers (PDF:40k:2 pages)
  • Sample Fire/Smoke Damper Maintenance Record (MSWord: 2 pages)

Portable Fire Extinguishers

  • Maintenance and Testing of Portable Fire Extinguishers (PDF:38k:4 pages)
  • Sample Portable Fire Extinguisher Record (MSWord: 2 pages)

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