Minnesota Department of Health Home Care Survey Definitions

Minnesota Department of Health Home Care Survey Definitions

Initial Full Survey

  • For new temporary licensee
  • Completed within 14 months after temporary license issued
  • See definition of full survey below

Full Survey

  • Periodic inspection of Home Care Providers (HCPs) to assess ongoing compliance with regulations
  • Covers all core survey areas and all legal requirements of providers
  • For providers who:
    • Are temporary licensees
    • Do not meet requirements for a core survey
    • Surveyor has identified as having unacceptable client health or safety risks during a core survey
  • May include additional review as deemed necessary by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH)

Core Survey

  • Focuses on essential health and safety requirements
  • Eligible HCPs will have:
    • Been licensed for at least 3 years
    • Been surveyed in last 3 years
    • No widespread violations beyond Level 1 on most recent survey
    • No substantiated licensing complaints in past 3 years
    • No complaints against the agency under the VAA or MMA in past 3 years
    • No enforcement action per 144A.475 in past 3 years

Follow-up Survey

  • Conducted to determine if HCP has corrected deficient issues and systems identified during a core survey, full survey or
    complaint investigation.
  • May be done by phone, e-mail, fax, mail or on-site reviews
  • Are concluded with exit conference and written information on process to request reconsideration of survey results

Complaint Investigation

  • Conducted upon receipt of information alleging that a home care provider has violated or is currently violating a
    requirement of sections 144A.43 to 144A.482.
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