Filing a Complaint with the Office of Health Facility Complaints

If you witness . . .

  • physical or mental abuse,
  • neglect,
  • or unexplained injury

Act quickly. Call the Office of Health Facility Complaints.

1-800-369-7994 – Toll Free

Prompt Action is Vital

  • Prompt action is vital, as there may be time-limits on what can be investigated.
  • Write down all you know about something you think may be a violation, such as location, names, times, etc.
  • Call one of the above numbers.

Completing a Complaint Form

A phone call can get the process started but we will also ask you to complete a complaint form.

Download PDF complaint form (PDF: 56KB/3 pages)
Allows you to print a paper copy of the form to be completed and mailed back to OHFC.

Download Word complaint form (Word file: 38KB/3 pages)
Allows you to save a copy of the Word file to your computer with a new file name, complete electronically, and then email or mail a copy to OHFC.

If you are unable to complete a complaint form, call 651-201-4201 for assistance.

To give you the option to email your complaint to the Office of Health Facility Complaints, the division provides access to the OHFC email address. When submitting an electronic complaint, provide enough information to describe the situation and include your contact information.

Complaints can be anonymous, but it helps OHFC to know who you are and where you can be reached if more information is needed, and to let you know the results of the investigation. OHFC protects your identity under the MN Data Practices Act. Your confidentiality is respected.

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