Office of Health Facility Complaints Incident Reporting Login for Providers

Office of Health Facility Complaints Incident Reporting Login for Providers

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If you experience any issues with logging in, user management, or should you have any questions or concerns please send an email to or call OHFC at 651‐201‐4213. 

Updated Web Reporting Application Training and Resources

Please Note:
Some networks are deactivating the password reset link.  If you experience this issue and receive an “I’m sorry…” error message during password setup, please go through the “forgot password” process again to have a new link issued. To bypass this error open the email, copy, and paste the link into your web browser and hit enter. This workaround should take you to the create password screen and then onto the login screen.

The creator of the security program is aware of the link deactivation issue and they will be issuing a fix in a future release. We will keep you updated on the status of this fix. In the meantime, if the copy and paste fix does not work for your users MDH can issue you passwords. Please contact us directly should you require a password.

In addition, if you are using Internet Explorer as your web browser, some privacy settings may be blocking features of the application. To fix this issue:

  • Open Internet Explorer and select "Tools" and "Internet Options"
  • Select the "Privacy" tab and select the "Advanced" button
  • An "Advanced Privacy Settings" window will open
  • Click the "Override automatic cookie handling" button and "OK" back to Internet Explorer

Providers need to submit ONLY ONE report through OHFC, which will meet both the federal and state reporting requirements.

Minnesota Vulnerable Adult Reporting Requirement

Federal Incident Reporting Requirement

§483.13(c)(2) The facility must ensure that all alleged violations involving mistreatment, neglect, or abuse, including injuries of unknown source and misappropriation of resident property are reported immediately to the administrator of the facility and to other officials in accordance with State law through established procedures (including to the State survey and certification agency).

§483.13(c)(3) The facility must have evidence that all alleged violations are thoroughly investigated, and must prevent further potential abuse while the investigation is in progress.

Vulnerable Adult Complaints

All complainants who wish to file a vulnerable adult complaint will still use the Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center (MAARC) call center number (844-880-1574). Please ensure this number is posted for staff, residents and families.


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