RUG-IV Directory of Fact Sheets

The fact sheets are designed around individual topics and RUG categories and can be provided individually or as a package of several based on the needs of individual resident. As an example a new admission with a case mix classification of RAB might be provided with a package of fact sheets that include: "What is Case Mix?", "Who to call for Case Mix Information?", "Case Mix Questions and Answers", Requesting a Reconsideration," "What is Rehabilitation?" and "What is an ADL Score?". Another example would be a long time resident whose case mix classification changed from a PA1 to CA1 due to an active diagnosis of pneumonia might be provided with the fact sheets "What is Clinically Complex?" and "Requesting a Reconsideration?". Residents, resident representatives and families may be directed to the fact sheets on this page or may be given hard copies.

Directory RUG-IV - Case Mix Review - Fact Sheet Directory (PDF: 274KB/1 page) (updated 08/2014)
Fact sheet 1 What is Case Mix? (PDF: 200KB/1 page) (updated 08/2014)
Fact sheet 1A What assessments are used for Case Mix? (PDF: 193KB: 1 page)(updated 08/2014)
Fact sheet 2 Who to call for Case Mix Information? (PDF: 218KB/1 page) (updated 08/2014)
Fact sheet 3 Case Mix Questions & Answers PDF: 204KB/1 page)(updated 08/2014)
Fact sheet 4 Requesting a Reconsideration (PDF: 311KB/1 page) (updated 08/2014)
Fact sheet 5 What is Extensive Services? (PDF: 198KB/1 page) (updated 08/2014)
Fact sheet 6 What is Rehabilitation? (PDF: 265KB/1 page)(updated 08/2014)
Fact sheet 7 What is Special Care High? (PDF: 267KB/1 page)(updated 08/2014)
Fact sheet 8 What is Special Care Low? (PDF: 226KB/1 page)(updated 08/2014)
Fact sheet 9 What is Clinically Complex? (PDF: 234KB/1 page)(updated 08/2014)
Fact sheet 10 What is Behavioral Symptoms and Cognitive Performance? (PDF: 207KB/1 page)(updated 08/2014)
Fact sheet 11 What is Reduced Physical Function? (PDF: 316KB/1 page)(updated 08/2014)
Fact sheet 12 What are Restorative Nursing Programs? (PDF: 207KB/1 page) (updated 08/2014)
Fact sheet 13 What Does Short Stay Rate Mean? (PDF: 277KB/1 page) (updated 08/2014)
Fact sheet 14 What is an ADL Score? (PDF: 268KB/2 pages)(updated 08/2014)
Fact sheet 15 Determining Cognitive Impairment (PDF: 197KB/1 page) (updated 08/2014)
Fact sheet 16 Signs of Depression PDF: 198KB/1 page) (updated 08/2014)

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