Case Mix Vendor Information

Case Mix Vendor Information

Minnesota Specific MDS Information

  • Minnesota does not use Section S

  • Minnesota is a Case Mix state and computes a RUG-IV, 48-group version [setF01) with index maximization, effective 10/1/2012. ┬áThe RUG-IV logic version for Z0200B is 102. Note: MDS 3.0 field Z0200A (state Medicaid Billing) and Z0200B (RUG Version Code) are to be populated.

  • Minnesota has two state specific groups (Short stay[DDF] and Penalty [AAA]) which are calculated by MDH after the assessment has been submitted to the MDS system.

  • Minnesota uses the OBRA assessments to calculate RUG classifications and does not require additional assessments. Exception: An admission assessment is required for all residents unless the facility elects to accept the short stay rate with a Case Mix index of 1.0 for all residents who stay fourteen days or less.