Translations of Bill of Rights

July 2000

Informational Bulletin 00-15

Translations of Bill Of Rights


The purpose of this Informational Bulletin to inform providers that the Minnesota Department of Health has made available the Patient Bill of Rights in translations of Spanish, Hmong, Laotian, Somali, Russian and Braille. All translations, including English are available in large and small print.

The Bill of Rights is available for the Minnesota Home Care Bill of Rights, the Combined Bill of Rights for Medicare certified home care agencies, the Federal and State Rights for Nursing Home Residents, and the Patient Bill of Rights for Hospitals. Translations are available in hard copy and electronic versions are on our website.

The translations for the Bill of Rights can be found on the Minnesota Department of Health website.

If you have any questions related to this Information Bulletin, please contact:

Minnesota Department of Health
Health Regulation Division
Licensing and Certification Program
85 East Seventh Place, Suite 300
St. Paul, Minnesota 55164-0900
Telephone: (651) 201-4101

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