August, 2000

Informational Bulletin 00-18

Medicare State Operations Manual
Hospital Conditions Of Participation Patients' Rights
Interim Final Rule
Transmittal 17


This bulletin provides interpretive guidance for hospital surveyors in the implementation of 42 CFR, Part 482 Medicare and Medicaid programs; Hospital Conditions of Participation Patients' Rights; Interim Final Rule.

You may access Transmittal 17 at the following HCFA web site:

Scroll down the column entitled File, click on R17.SOM and print.
To view the PDF file you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download from Adobe Web site.) PDF Icon

If you would like a hard copy of Transmittal 17 or have any questions related to this Information Bulletin, please contact:

Minnesota Department of Health
Compliance Monitoring Division
Licensing and Certification Program
85 East Seventh Place, Suite 300
St. Paul, Minnesota 55164-0900
Phone: (651) 201-4101.

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