Medicare State Operations Manual Transmittal 13

January, 2000

Information Bulletin 00-2

Medicare State Operations Manual
Transmittal 13

This bulletin contains information for certified nursing facility's pertaining to the Health Care Financing Administration's (HCFA) issuance of Transmittal 13 of the Medicare State Operations Manual. Transmittal 13 contains new and/or revised material of the State Operations Manual (Chapter 7) that reflects changes made by the nursing home initiative to the nursing home survey, certification and enforcement program.

The HCFA Transmittal 13 contains the following new and/or revised sections of Chapter 7 of the State Operations Manual: Introduction; Definitions and Acronyms; Emphasis, Components and Applicability; Informal Dispute Resolution; Certification of Compliance and Noncompliance for SNF's and NFS; Action When Facility is not in Substantial Compliance; Appeal of Certification of Noncompliance; Certification-Related Terms; Notice Requirements; Timing of Civil Money Penalties; Enforcement Action When Immediate Jeopardy Exists; Key Dates When Immediate Jeopardy Exists; Enforcement Action When Immediate Jeopardy Does Not Exist; Special Procedures for Recommending and Providing Notice of Category 1 Remedies and Denial of Payment for New Admissions; Key dates When Immediate Jeopardy Does Not Exist; Response to the Plan of Correction; New Deficiencies Identified; Action When There is Substandard Quality of Care; SNF/NF Readmission to Medicare or Medicaid Program After Termination; Enforcement Remedies for SNF's and NF's; Life Safety Code Enforcement Guidelines for SNF's and NF's; Denial of Payment for All New Medicare and Medicaid Admissions for SNF's and NF's; Basis for Imposing Civil Money Penalties; Determining Amount of Civil Money Penalty; Effective Date of Civil Money Penalty; Duration of Civil Money Penalty; Appeal of Noncompliance Which Led to Imposition of Civil Money Penalty; Notice of Amount Due and Collectable; Continuation of Payment During Remediation; and Sanctions for Inadequate State Survey Performance.

The implementation date of Transmittal 13 will be for surveys with a last date of survey of Friday, January 14, 2000 or later.

You may access Transmittal 13 (Chapter 7 of the State Operations manual which includes these changes/revisions at the following HCFA website:

Click on "Part 7, Survey and Enforcement Process for SNF/NFs".

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If you would like a hard copy of Transmittal 13 please contact the Minnesota Department of Health at (651) 201-4101.

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