Urgent Safety Alert--Medi-Man Electric Lift

September, 2000

Information Bulletin 00-23

Urgent Safety Alert
Medi-Man Electric Lift

The Department has recently been made aware of a potentially serious safety hazard. The Medi-Man Electric Patient Lift, Model 622000, has been identified as a contributing factor in the death of a nursing home resident. The bolt supporting the spreader bar on the lift is subject to catastrophic failure; the spreader bar is released from the lift, dropping the person in the lift to the floor.

This lift is manufactured by Medi-Man Rehabilitation Products, Ontario, Canada. The company has redesigned the spreader bar connection, however, there has been no formal recall of the lift or notification of customers who have purchased the lift. Lift owners must contact the company to obtain the redesigned connection.

The company's address is as follows:

Medi-Man Rehabilitation Products, Inc.
5630 Tomken Road
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada L4W 1P4

The company's phone numbers are:

(905) 565-1480
FAX: (905) 565-1491
Please ask for Mr. John Mogensen.

The Food and Drug Administration has been notified. It is recommended that this lift be removed from service until the redesigned spreader bar connection has been installed.

Questions concerning this matter can be directed to:

Mr. James P. Loveland, P.E.
(651) 201-3710

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