Medi-Man Electric Lift Additional Information

November, 2000

Information Bulletin 00-31

Medi-Man Electric Lift
Additional Information

[Also refer to Information Bulletin 01-19]


This Information Bulletin updates Information Bulletin 00-23 regarding the Medi-Man Electric Patient Lift. As a result of additional information provided by Medi-Man Rehabilitation Products, Inc., the Department has determined that the information provided in Information Bulletin 00-23 (September, 2000) requires clarification.

According to Medi-Man Rehabilitation Products, Inc., only the model 622000 Medi-Man Electric Lift that incorporates either a model 812 scale or some model 1000 scales, is in question. Lifts that do not have a scale are not affected by this alert. If the lift incorporates a scale, the potential problem is at the connection between the spreader bar and the scale load cell. In addition, only specific scale serial numbers are potentially a problem. In 1994, with the development of a new model lift and technology, the scale to spreader bar connection was changed to incorporate a pin rather than locking set screws.

If you have questions about a Medi-Man Electric Lift equipped with a scale, we urge you to contact Medi-Man Rehabilitation Products, Inc. directly for further information.

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