June, 2001

Information Bulletin 01-18

Monthly Quality Indicator Comparison Reports


This Information Bulletin serves to advise you that, on March 28, 2001, an additional MDS quality indicator report, Monthly Quality Indicator Comparison Report, became available to facilities and States. This report is generated at the end of each month for each facility within a state that reports MDS data. CMS, formerly HCFA, Memorandum (Ref: S&C 01-17) contains information on this report but does not include a sample report.

How do I Access HCFA Memorandum (Ref: S&C 01-17)?

You can access this memorandum at the following website:


Scroll down to and Click on the title: Monthly Quality Indicator Comparison Reports

[Please Note: HCFA web site addresses are subject to change. As MDH becomes aware of these changes we will update the HCFA address on this bulletin at our MDH web site listed below.]

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