Implementation of MDS Submission Authority Field

November, 2001

Information Bulletin 01-28
NH -72

Implementation of MDS Submission Authority Field


The purpose of this bulletin is to inform Nursing Home providers of an enhancement to the MDS system edits for the November 26, 2001, QIES MDS release. This enhancement is the implementation of a new field, called SUB_REQ, "SUBmission REQuirement", which is required to be completed for MDS records indicating under what authority the MDS record is being transmitted.

Beginning with the November system release, SUB_REQ will be a required field on all MDS records submitted to the QIES system. The SUB_REQ field will indicate under what authority the facility is submitting each MDS record. This field will allow rejection of MDS records submitted without appropriate authority. In Minnesota, there is no authority for transmitting an MDS assessment on residents in licensed-only beds. Therefore, submitting a record that is not authorized is a violation of the resident's privacy rights. The following SUB_REQ values have been assigned:

Value 3: There is CMS authority to collect and transmit MDS information

Value 2: There is state authority to collect and transmit MDS information

Value 1: There is neither CMS nor state authority to collect and transmit MDS information. This record will be rejected and all information about the record will be purged.

Value 3: In Minnesota, the SUB_REQ Value 3 is to be used for authority to transmit MDS information on ALL residents in a certified nursing home bed.

Value 2: In Minnesota, Value 2 will not be applicable.

Value 1: In Minnesota Value 1 will apply for all residents in licensed-only nursing home beds.

How Can I Access this Information ?

You can access further information about the new SUB_REQ field by going to the CMS MDS Software/Specification website, entitled, "MDS Software/Specification", at: [expired link]

Click on the line titled, "Data Specifications and Instructions for the QIES MDS November 26, 2001 Release".

CMS web site addresses are subject to change. As MDH becomes aware of these changes, we will update the CMS address on this bulletin at our MDH web site listed below.

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