CMS OBQI's and Quality Enhancement

April, 2002

Information Bulletin 02-4

CMS OBQIs and Quality Enhancement


This Information Bulletin is to inform Minnesota Home Health Agencies (HHAs) about the completion of the final phase of OASIS: the Outcome-based Quality Indicators (OBQI). As announced during the February 22, 2002, Centers For Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Satellite Broadcast, the OBQI reports are now available to HHAs. This broadcast explained what the OBQI reports are and how they are to be accessed and utilized by HHAs and State Agencies.

Regulatory Requirements:

At this time, CMS does not have regulatory authority to require HHAs to access and use the OBQI reports. CMS expects and strongly recommends that HHAs will use the OBQI reports for quality improvement and for consumer education.

How is information accessed about the OBQIs?

Information about OBQI Reports may be accessed at the following CMS OASIS Training Website:

Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS)

As you scroll down this page, an extensive list of OBQI materials can be downloaded and printed, including:

  • Introduction to OBQI - Handout
  • Reading and Interpreting OBQI and Patient Tally Report - Handout
  • How to Access Reports on the QIES System - 'Access Handout'
  • Steps in the OBQI Process - 'Steps Handout'
  • Two OBQI Manuals

To Order the Video Please Contact:

National Technical Information Services (NTIS)
5285 Port Royal Road
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Telephone: 703-605-6186
National Technical Information Services (NTIS)

If you have any questions about this information bulletin, please contact in writing:

Minnesota Department of Health
Health Regulation Division
Licensing and Certification Program
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Suite 300
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Telephone: (651) 201-4101

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