Information Bulletins Online - January 2003

January 2003

Information Bulletin 03-1
All Providers

To Providers Licensed, Certified and/or Registered By the Health Regulation Division of the Minnesota Department of Health

Purpose and Background

The purpose of this information bulletin is to inform you that the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), Health Health Regulation Division, will no longer mail paper copies of each MDH Information Bulletin to individual providers. This change will result in saving paper, copying and postage costs at a time when state government is facing great financial distress.

Effective immediately, it will be the responsibility of each provider to periodically check the MDH Website for Informational Bulletins that provide updates, changes and other useful information. Examples of information bulletins include: clinical information updates; changes in regulations; compliance dates for new or changed regulations; notices of training opportunities etc.

MDH will update the Professional Information Section of the website weekly. MDH strongly recommends that providers check the website every week or every two weeks for updates. Information that has been posted during the previous two-week period will be flagged with an indication that the information is new.

While we recognize that not all regulated providers have onsite Internet access, we believe that sufficient access exists through public library and other community resources to make this plan feasible.

What is the MDH Information Bulletin Website Address?

MDH Information Bulletins may be found at:

Information Bulletin Index

We suggest that you place this address in your "Favorites" or "Bookmarks" of your Internet Browser. Use of this address will ensure that you get the most current version of the available Informational Bulletins. If you use a "search" command through one of the Internet search engines, or use the "search" button at the State of Minnesota's main website, you may get a "saved" older version of the information. If you misplace this address, please contact us and ask us to send you the link via E-mail.

How do I know which bulletin applies to which provider type?

On the upper right corner of the first page of each information bulletin is the month/year it was issued. Immediately below the month/year is an abbreviation representing the provider type. Next to the abbreviation is a number that represents the cumulative number of information bulletins issued since 1991 by the MDH Health Regulation Division for that specific provider type.

Providers licensed, certified or registered through the MDH Health Regulation Division, and the abbreviations, are listed below.

Provider Key
Ambulatory Surgical CentersASC
Board and Lodging with Special ServicesB&L/SS
Certified Boarding Care HomeCBC
Community Mental Health CenterCMHC
Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation FacilityCORF
Critical Access HospitalsCAH
End Stage Renal Dialysis CentersESRDs
Home Care Provider: LicensedHC
Housing with Services SettingsHWS
Hospice Hospice
Intermediate Care Facility for the Mentally RetardedICF/MR
Medicare Certified Home Health AgencyMHC
Nursing Home: LicensedNH
Nursing Home: CertifiedNH
Outpatient Occupational Therapy REHAB
Outpatient Physical TherapyREHAB
Outpatient Speech TherapyREHAB
Outpatient Surgical CenterOSC
Psychiatric HospitalsPsych Hosp
Rural Health ClinicsRHC
Supervised Living FacilitiesSLF
Supplemental Nursing Services AgencySNSA

How will MDH inform providers when an information bulletin is obsolete or has been replaced by a new information bulletin?

MDH will notify providers on the website. When an information bulletin is obsolete or has been replaced, there will be a notice placed directly on the website at the specific information bulletin. The obsolete information bulletin will no longer be accessible.

Changes in Website Links Referenced in MDH Information Bulletins

MDH often finds that links we provide in our information bulletins to other websites change. As MDH becomes aware of these changes, we will make changes within the information bulletin where the link was originally placed. If you find a website link that does not work, please check the original information bulletin for an updated link.

If you have any questions regarding this Information Bulletin, please contact in writing:

Minnesota Department of Health
Health Regulation Division
Licensing and Certification Program
85 East Seventh Place, Suite 300
PO Box 64900
St. Paul, MN 55164-0900
Telephone: (651) 201-4101

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