Semi Annual Update for Nursing Assistant Registry

July 2004

Information Bulletin 04-11

Semi Annual Update For Nursing Assistant Registry


The purpose of this bulletin is to inform nursing homes/certified boarding care homes (NH/BCH) of the change in procedure for completing the semi annual update report for the Nursing Assistant Registry (NAR). Effective July 2004, the NAR semi annual report will no longer be sent by mail. Online submission of the NAR semi annual report to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) will replace the mailing.

It is the goal of MDH to have a reporting system that can be promptly and accurately conducted.


At intervals over the next 6 month period, each NH/BCH will receive a letter, password, and directions for accessing the MDH website for online submission of the semi annual report. These letters will be sent prior to a facility's semi annual renewal update. The NAR semi annual report must be submitted by the facility within 14 days. Upon successful completion of a facility's online semi annual report to the MDH, the facility will receive online verification of the submission.

If your facility does not have Internet access, please contact our office at (651) 215-8705 or 1-800-397-6124 between 9a.m. and 3p.m., Monday through Friday, and request that a semi annual report be mailed.

Thank you for your assistance.


For questions regarding semi annual reports, please contact the Nursing Assistant Registry at:

(651) 215-8705For local calls or calls outside Minnesota
1-800-397-6124For long distance within Minnesota
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