Posting of Nursing Home Survey Results: CMS Clarification

July 2004

Information Bulletin 04-13

Posting of Nursing Home Survey Results:
CMS Clarification


CMS has clarified that both Life Safety Code (K tags) and health (F-tags) survey results must be posted. See communication below.

Posting of Survey Results F167

F167 states:

A resident has the right to:
Examine the results of the most recent survey of the facility conducted by Federal or State surveyors and any plan of correction in effect with respect to the facility. The facility must make the results available for examination in a place readily accessible to residents and must post a notice of their availability; and

The Guidelines for F167 state:

Guidelines: §483.10(g)(1)-(2)
"Results of the most recent survey" means the Statement of Deficiencies (HCFA-2567) and the Statement of Isolated Deficiencies generated by the most recent standard survey and any subsequent extended surveys, and any deficiencies resulting from any subsequent complaint investigation(s).

"Made available for examination" means that survey results and approved plan of correction, if applicable, are available in a readable form, such as a binder, large print, or are provided with a magnifying glass, have not been altered by the facility unless authorized by the State agency, and are available to residents without having to ask a staff person.

"Place readily accessible to residents" is a place (such as a lobby or other area frequented by most residents) where individuals wishing to examine survey results do not have to ask to see them.

Facilities are required to have both a health and a life safety survey to enter/remain in the program. In order for this requirement to be met, both the health and the fire safety surveys should be posted.

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