CMS Survey and Certification - Deficiency Citations

April 2005

Information Bulletin 05-1
All Providers

CMS Survey & Certification Letter S&C 05-20: “Independent, but Associated Deficiency Citations” Implementation Date: May 2, 2005

MDH Information Bulletin 04-9 NH-100: “Federal SNF/NF Deficiencies Related to Outcome, Assessment and/or Care Planning Findings  Effective Date” is rescinded effective May 2, 2005


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued Survey and Certification Letter 05-20 “Independent, but Associated Deficiency Citations” dated March 10, 2005.

With the issuance of CMS S&C 05-20, Minnesota Department of Health Information Bulletin 04-9 is rescinded effective May 2, 2005. This CMS Letter applies to ALL Provider types. MDH strongly urges that the CMS S&C 05-20 [expired link] be read in detail.


Prior to the issuance of S&C 05-20 Letter, Minnesota identified that different state survey agencies issued different patterns of nursing home citations with some issuing only the outcome tag and others issuing outcome, assessment and/or care planning tags when the findings were related.

The issuance of CMS S&C 05-20 addresses this and therefore MDH Information Bulletin 04-9 is no longer appropriate. MDH will issue deficiencies consistent with S&C 05-20 effective May 2, 2005 for all certified providers during surveys and complaint investigations.

For example, this means that effective May 2, 2005 for nursing home surveys/complaint investigations, consistent with CMS S&C 05-20, if a related deficient practice is found under an assessment and/or care planning tag(s) AND an outcome tag, MDH will cite the finding under the appropriate outcome tag and will also include associated findings under the assessment and/or care planning deficiency if appropriate.

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