CMS Survey & Certification Letter S&C 05-17 - Pressure Ulcers

May 2005

Information Bulletin 05-02

CMS Survey & Certification Letter S&C 05-17

Pressure Ulcers, Non-Pressure Ulcers & Regulatory Text Changes in CMS Transmittals 4 & 5

Implementation Date: May 31, 2005


The purpose of this information bulletin is to inform providers that Minnesota Department of Health surveyors and investigators effective May 31, 2005 will implement Survey Guidelines and Regulatory Changes related to Pressure Ulcers, Non-Pressure Ulcers & other Regulatory Text found in CMS Transmittals 4 & 5 and CMS Survey and Certification Letter 05-17.


The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services issued revised Long Term Care Surveyor Guidelines for Pressure Ulcers and Non-Pressure ulcers and other regulatory text changes in November of 2004 in Transmittals 4 & 5.

CMS Survey and Certification Letter 05-17 explains in greater detail the background and context of these changes.

In summary: These changes are related to an ongoing CMS project to issue guidance that contains, in addition to interpretive guidelines, an investigative protocol and specific severity guidance for determining the correct level of severity of outcome to residents from deficiencies issued at F 314, Pressure Ulcers. As part of the F314 revision, a minor addition was made to interpretive guidelines at F309.

A second change was made to the SOM, Appendix PP in Transmittal 5 that corrected typographical errors, moved certain regulatory text, changed certain regulatory language due to 2003 changes in regulations and modified Appendix P consistent with new investigative protocol at F314 in Appendix PP.

These guidelines can be accessed via Survey &Certification Letter 05-17 and Transmittals 4 and 5 at the websites below:

The content of the transmittals are also updated by CMS on the web version of the State Operations Manual (SOM) and may be accessed in Appendix P and PP of the SOM at the website below. At the time of issuance of this MDH Information Bulletin, CMS had not yet updated their website:

Ongoing resources related to pressure ulcers can be found at the websites below:

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