Revision of Appendix PP SOM Federal Requirements - Surveyor Guidance for Medical Director

February, 2006

Information Bulletin 06-01

Medical Director: Federal Requirements.
Revision of Appendix PP, State Operations Manual (SOM), Surveyor Guidance for Medical Director.
Implementation Date: March 27, 2006


The purpose of this information bulletin is to inform providers that Minnesota Department of Health surveyors and investigators effective March 27, 2006 will implement Survey Guidelines and Regulatory Changes related to Medical Director (F501) Regulatory Text found in CMS Transmittal 15 and CMS Survey and Certification Letter 06-05.

Background Federal Changes:

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued revised Long Term Care Surveyor Guidelines for Medical Director in November 2005 in Transmittal 15. The CMS Survey and Certification Letter 06-05 includes training materials for F501 and explains in greater detail the background and context of these changes.

In summary: These changes are part of an ongoing CMS project to issue guidance relating to the expanded clinical interpretive guidelines, surveyor investigative protocols and specific severity guidance for determining the correct level of severity of outcome to residents from deficiencies issued at tag F 501, Medical Director. These revised guidelines include examples of deficient practices.

These guidelines can be accessed via CMS Transmittal 15 and CMS Survey Certification Letter 06-05 at the CMS website:

The content of the transmittals are also updated by CMS in the web version of the State Operations Manual (SOM) and may be accessed in Appendix PP of the SOM.

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