Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Phone System Upgrade

February 2006 (Updated April 2007)

Information Bulletin 06-02
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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Phone System Upgrade
Effective March 10, 2006

Effective March 10, 2006 , the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), Policy, Quality and Compliance Bureau (PQC) telephone system was upgraded to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Both Divisions in the Bureau, Compliance Monitoring (CM) and the Division of Health Policy (DHP), were included in the upgrade.

Each telephone line will have a new telephone number. This includes personal telephone numbers, section program telephone numbers, HelpLines/General Information, and Fax numbers.

Effective the March 8, 2007, the following sections in the Compliance Monitoring Division (CM) have new FAX numbers.:

  • CM Management - 651-215-9695
  • Licensing and Certification - 651-215-9697
  • Case Mix - 651-215-9691

The Office of Health Facility Complaints (OHFC) FAX line was also changed effective February 27, 2007. The new OHFC FAX number is 651-281-9796.

You may download the bureau telephone list as an MS Word Document or as a PDF file.

If you need help downloading these files, or if you have questions about the VOIP process, please email PQC at: fpc-web@health.state.mn.us


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