Implementation of Telephone Interview and Education

February 2008

Information Bulletin 08-02

Implementation of Telephone Interview and Education


The purpose of this bulletin is to inform Class F and Class A (licensed only) Home Care providers of an addition to the tools being used by the Case Mix Review staff for education and oversight of home care providers.

Beginning March 3, 2008, Telephone Interview and Education Assessment calls will be placed by registered nurse staff members to all newly licensed Class F and Class A (licensed only) Home Care Providers as well as other providers who have not been surveyed by Case Mix Review staff with the following purposes:

  • Assure the provider has access to information they need including:
    • Home Care Rules
    • Home Care Statutes
    • Vulnerable Adult Statute
    • Q and Aís for the type of license they have
    • Other web-based information
  • Review rules that are most commonly out of compliance including:
    • Medications
    • Training of unlicensed staff
    • Role of RN
  • Open the door for further questions regarding the providerís license, and offer education on the rules and regulations applicable to their license.
  • Make recommendations related to the timing of an on site survey taking into consideration information including:
    • Complexity of care being provided
    • Knowledge related to rules and statutes applicable to home care.

A summary of these calls will be posted on the same page of the MDH web site as survey results are currently posted.

Call 651-201-4301 with any questions about this new process.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011 at 10:52AM