Audit of Selected QI Items

February 2008

Information Bulletin 08-03

Audit of Selected QI Items


The purpose of this bulletin is to inform Minnesota Nursing Facilities who are currently audited for the RUGS system of an addition to the audit being conducted by the Case Mix Review staff.

Beginning December 2007, the Case Mix Review program began auditing selected minimum data set (MDS) items that are used to compute both the federal and Minnesota quality indicators (QI) and quality measures (QM). The review of these items will be conducted in the same manner as the review of MDS items used to determine the case mix classification. Case Mix Review staff members have been trained in the coding of these selected QI/QM items.

If an error in coding of a QI/QM item is discovered, the reviewer will include this in the report that is left with the facility at the end of the audit. The facility then has the option of submitting a Correction Request Form to modify a record in the state database for the items they agree were coded incorrectly on the audited MDS assessment.

The information gathered during the review of the QI/QM items will be used for data analysis purposes and will not be used to adjust a facility’s QI/QM scores.

Call 651-201-4301 with any questions about this new process.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011 at 10:57AM