All Case Mix Classification Notices to be Sent Electronically

May 2008

Information Bulletin 08-05

Effective August 1, 2008
All Case Mix Classification Notices to be Sent Electronically


The purpose of this informational bulletin is to notify Medicaid Certified Skilled Nursing Facilities/Nursing Facilities (SNF/NFs) and Nursing Facilities (NFs), that the 2008 Minnesota Legislature amended Minnesota Statutes 144.0724 to require that the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) transmit the notice of resident classification by electronic means to nursing facilities. The nursing facility then prints and distributes the classification notices to the resident or resident's representative within three (3) business days of receipt of the notices. Effective August 1, 2008, the legislation deletes the provision for nursing homes to elect the option of receiving the case mix classification notices by first class mail from MDH.

Impact of the Legislation

If you elected for MDH to mail the case mix classification notices to your nursing home; MDH will continue to mail case mix classification notices until August 1, 2008.

If you elected to receive the classification notices electronically for July 1, 2007, thru June 30, 2008, you will continue to receive and download the electronic case mix classification notices.

Effective August 1, 2008, all nursing homes will receive the case mix classification notices electronically. Instructions for accessing the classification notices on the state reports page can be found at: Case Mix Review. Scroll to Instructions for Accessing Electronic Case Mix Classification Notices.

Action Required

Facilities will need to be able to access the CMS MDS system web site and the MDS Validation Reports and Minnesota State Case Mix reports page to be able to download and print or save the case mix classification notices. The individual in your facility currently submitting MDS assessments has access to this website and page.

Facilities may provide additional staff with the ability to access the MDS submission page in order to download the case mix classification notices to print and distribute. To set up additional computers for access to the MDS submission page: review the information on the QIES Technical website and click on the "MCDN/AT&T Client Software Information" in the box in the right hand side of the page. Each individual accessing the MDS submission system, through either broadband or dial up, will need to have their own AT&T user id and password that is available from AT&T at 1-800-905-2069.


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