Required Staff Training: Alzheimer's Disease or Related Disorders

August 2008

Information Bulletin 08-08

This bulletin replaces MDH Information Bulletin 04-03.

Required Staff Training: Alzheimer's Disease or Related Disorders


This bulletin provides notice of the 2008 revision to Minnesota Statutes 144.6503 for licensed nursing facilities requiring specialized Alzheimer’s disease training and providing for consumer disclosure.

Nursing Homes

Effective date of statute: August 1, 2008. The amended statute states:

  1. If a nursing facility serves persons with Alzheimer's disease or related disorders, whether in a segregated or general unit, the facility's direct care staff and their supervisors must be trained in dementia care.
  2. Areas of required training include:
    1. An explanation of Alzheimer's disease and related disorders;
    2. Assistance with activities of daily living;
    3. Problem solving with challenging behaviors; and
    4. Communication skills.
  3. The facility shall provide to consumers in written or electronic form a description of the training program, the categories of employees trained, the frequency of training, and the basic topics covered.
  4. The facility shall document compliance with this section.
  5. The commissioner of health has enforcement authority under section 144A.10, subdivision 1, to ensure compliance of the training requirements in this section.
  6. At each facility inspection under section 144A.10, subdivision 2, if the facility is not in compliance, the commissioner has authority to issue a correction order under section 144A.10, subdivision 4.

Nursing Home Licensing Survey:

The Minnesota Department of Health will begin surveying for compliance with the above statute revisions on October 1, 2008. When a violation of 144.6503 is identified, one or more of the additional nursing home rules may also be issued as appropriate: MN Rule 4658.0060, Responsibilities of Administrator; MN Rule 4658.0100, Employee Orientation and In-Service Education; &/or MN Rule 4658.0105, Competency of direct care staff.

Home Care/Housing with Services

The statutes for Home Care providers and Housing with Services providers that were effective August 1, 2003 did not change during the 2008 legislative session. They may be viewed at the following web addresses and will continue to be enforced during surveys.

Home Care Providers MS 144A.45, subd.5
Housing with Services MS 144A.065, Sec. 3
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