July 2009

Information Bulletin 09-12

Resident Positioning: Minnesota State Law Change


The purpose of this information bulletin is to inform providers and Minnesota Department of Health surveyors and investigators of revisions to Minnesota State Law and Minnesota Nursing Home regulations effective August 1, 2009 related to positioning of nursing home residents.

2009 Minnesota State Session Law Changes:

Minnesota Statutes 2008, section 144A.04, is amended by adding a subdivision to read:

Subd. 12. Resident positioning. Notwithstanding Minnesota Rules, part 4658.0525, subpart 4, the position of residents unable to change their own position must be changed based on the comprehensive assessment and care plan.

Minnesota Rule 4658.0525 REHABILITATION NURSING CARE Subpart 4
Positioning is no longer in effect as of August 1, 2009:

     Subp. 4 Positioning.      Residents must be positioned in good body alignment. The position of residents unable to change their own position must be changed at least every two hours, including periods of time after the resident has been put to bed for the night, unless the physician has documented that repositioning every two hours during this time period is unnecessary or the physician has ordered a different interval.

Minnesota Nursing Home Licensure regulations may be accessed at:

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