June 2010

Information Bulletin 10-06

Video Conference on Self Reported Incidents: Guidelines for Reporting Under Federal Regulations


The purpose of this Informational Bulletin is to inform providers and other interested parties that the Office of Health Facility Complaints is presenting a videoconference on the reporting of suspected incidents of vulnerable adult mistreatment. The training has been developed to provide information and actual case scenarios that will assist providers in identifying, investigating and submitting timely and appropriate self reports as required under federal regulations. The goal of the training is to decrease over-reporting to the MDH website through education and collaboration between providers and MDH.


The Office of Health Facility Complaints, in conjunction with the Department of Human Services, Care Providers of Minnesota, Aging Services of Minnesota and the Office of Ombudsman for Long-Term Care, has developed a video training that will provide information and guidelines to assist providers in determining what incidents of suspected mistreatment of vulnerable adults must be reported to the MDH web-based system. Funded with Civil Monies Penalties (CMP) this training will be presented in a morning session that will also be available as a live streaming video. In addition, the presentation will be available on the web for viewing after the video conference. A link will be placed in the Informational Bulletin (or Clinical Web Window) sometime after July 1, 2010. There is no charge to attend this training.

This video conference will be held on Thursday, July 1, 2010, from 9:00 a.m. until 11:30 a.m.

Videoconference Sites and Registration:

To view available locations and to register for this training use the link below.


To view an archived copy of the “Self Reported Incidents” video conference please go to the L&C Clinical Web Window at the following link:

Agenda and Handouts:

Handouts and the agenda will be placed on the MDH Clinical Web Window under the heading of “self reports” on June 29, 2010. Participants must bring their own handouts to the video conference training session.


Videoconference Contact Person: Roxanne Beyer at 651-201-3709 or roxanne.beyer@state.mn.us

Question and Answer Section:

Due to the limited amount of time available, participants are asked to submit their questions in advance to stella.french@state.mn.us. If time allows, additional questions may be taken during the last 30 minutes of the presentation.

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