Information Bulletin 14-01: ePOC Enrollment Now Available for Federally Certified Nursing Homes and Boarding Care Homes

Information Bulletin 14-01
NOTE: Under the heading "Steps for accessing ePOC," step 1 was updated in December 2014.

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Enrollment Now Available for Federally Certified Nursing Homes and Boarding Care Homes Issuance Electronic Federal 2567/Plan of Correction and State Licensure Orders


The purpose of this information bulletin is to inform Federally Certified Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) and Nursing Facilities (NFs) that:

  • The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) is participating with the Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS) electronic 2567 and plan of correction (ePOC) program;
  • MDH will issue State licensure orders electronically for SNF/NFs enrolled in ePOC;
  • The 2567/ePOC system is currently available for enrollment; and
  • SNF/NFs are encouraged to enroll in this process NOW in order to take advantage of this increased efficiency at your next Federal and State survey/complaint investigation.


Minnesota was pleased to be selected by CMS as one of the first states to implement ePOC. MDH’s participation was strongly encouraged by representatives from Minnesota’s long term care industry. MDH actively encouraged CMS to implement ePOC. In the future, all federally certified providers will have this option available. At this time, SNF/NFs are the only provider with the ePOC option. MDH is seeking 100% participation by SNF/NF providers.

Once a SNF/NF is enrolled, MDH will electronically issue 2567s and State Licensure orders. When a Minnesota provider agrees to participate in ePOC, they will also be agreeing the receipt of State licensure orders electronically.

MDH will utilize the ePOC process for review of all Federal SNF/NF plans of correction (POC) for recertification surveys, complaint surveys, Life Safety Code surveys, Revisit surveys, and Federal Monitoring Surveys.

Basic steps in the ePOC process are much the same as in the current paper-based process, but are completed using ePOC functionality in the Federal database and online applications. MDH and the CMS regional offices (RO) will use ePOC functionality to issue 2567s to SNF/NFs and to review SNF/NFs submitted ePOCs. Providers will use a federal Web based application to review posted statements of deficiency (SODs) and letters, and will submit POCs to the MDH State Agency (SA), CMS RO and/or CMS Central Office (CO) electronically.

The ePOC system will provide automatic email notifications to facilitate communication between SAs, ROs, COs, and providers. Reports will be available to providers, MDH, the RO and the State Fire Marshall to track the 2567 and ePOC process.

How can facilities enroll in the electronic State licensure orders and CMS 2567/ePOC?

SNF/NFs are encouraged to enroll to receive their CMS 2567 and State licensure orders electronically and have the ability to submit their POC electronically.

Enrollment involves registering for an ePOC account with CMS. Each facility will set up an ePOC CMS Net account with a log in and password. If the person who handles Minimum Data Set (MDS) submissions will also be involved with ePOC, they can use the same MDS account and will be able to activate ePOC on that account.

An individual with a SNF/NF without an MDS account can enroll now via a process identified on the CMSNet page of the QTSO website. Select the first link under “Access Request Forms”, fill out the request form, and follow the instructions to submit it to CMS. DETAILED PROVIDER ENROLLMENT DIRECTIONS, including screen shots, are included further down in this bulletin.

When can a SNF/NF provider enroll for ePOC?

ePOC enrollment is available for SNF/NF providers NOW.

How will I know that I’ve been activated?

At the time of enrollment, enrollees must email MDH at so that we can enable your provider for ePOC in our internal database system.

You will receive confirmation at the completion of your registration. The system will generate an email confirmation to the email address entered on the registration form.

How do I access CMS training for ePOC?

Step 1. To access the CMS web training, you will need to email
Please include your facility name and location in the subject line. MDH will respond with the webinar passcode. All persons viewing the webinar can use the same passcode.

Step 2. Access the webinar at the QTSO website.

  • Select Online Training.
  • Select ePOC.
  • Enter your name and email address to initiate the training.
  • Select ePOC Provider Webinar and enter the webinar passcode you have received.

Please note, it may take several minutes to download the WebEx webinar.

Directions for SNF/NFs submitting ePOC:

As SNF/NFs develop the plan of correction, the SNF/NF provider will have the option of submitting the plan for all tags at once or by individual tag. MDH requests providers submit the plan of correction for all tags at one time and not individually for each tag. This will ensure the most efficient review.

What type of resources/support will be available for questions?

MDH will have computer support staff available for questions regarding the ePOC online application. Emails can be sent to:

For questions regarding your ePOC CMS Net account (login/password issues) or ePOC enrollment, please contact the CMS Net help desk at 1-888-238-2122.

How will our facility re-activate an ePOC account that has expired?

Accounts will expire after 180 days of non-use. Reminder email messages will be sent out prior to these accounts actually expiring. Should an account expire, contact the CMS Net help desk at 1-888-238-2122.

For SNF/NF Providers who have viewed the webinar: Detailed provider enrollment directions

Steps for accessing ePOC

Note: This does not apply if you already have an MDS account. If you already have an MDS account, skip to the Access Update section.

  1. To start the process to get individual access to ePOC:
    1. Go to  QIES Technical Support Office.
    2. Click on CMSNet Information in the upper right corner of the Web page. 
    3. Click on CMSNet Online Registration.
    4. Click on Access Request Form.
    5. Enter CCN, State and Zip code and click enter.
    6. Complete the Remote Access Request.
    7. Proceed to step 2.

      The CMSNet ID is needed to access secure CMS sites (submissions/reports/surveys) unless an otherwise secure connection has been established. Users with current CMSNet accounts will NOT need to apply for new access. CMS does not permit the sharing of user IDs.
  2. Multiple Facility/Corporate Access:
    Users needing access to plans of correction for more than one facility within the same corporation will need to complete the ePOC User Account Request form on the ePOC Access Information page. Do NOT register online.

    1. Go to ePOC Access Information.
    2. Under Multiple Facility/Corporate Access, click on ePOC User Account Request [PDF 233 KB]; complete the form.
    3. Forward your completed ePOC User Account request to the QIES Help Desk for processing. The QIES Help Desk will notify CMSNet of your need for a corporate CMSNet account. If you do not need a CMSNet account, please note this on your fax coversheet or within the body of the email when sending your request to the help desk. Proceed to step 2.
  3. Once the request has been approved and completed, you will receive two emails from CMSNet Remote User Support:
    1. One will contain your username to access the site.
    2. The second will contain your password, which will need to be changed upon first log in.
  4. Next, go to QIES Technical Support Office and click on the CMSNet Information link.
    QIES Technical Support Office Homepage
  5. On the CMSNet Information page, click the CMSNet–Submission Access link.
    CMSNet Information webpage
  6. You will then be taken to a page with a map. Click on your state.
    CMSNet Submission Access page
  7. You’ll then receive a warning that you’re accessing a government website. Click proceed. You’ll then be asked to login to the CMS Secure Access Service. Login using the username and password that were emailed to you.
    CMS Secure Access Service page
  8. Once in you now have two choices, one being the state your facility is in and the other should be CMS QIES Systems for Providers. Click the Providers link.
    CMS QIES Systems for Providers
  9. You will then see a link for MDS and ePOC User Registration. Click on that link.
    CMS QIES Systems for Providers welcome screen
  10. You should now see a Provider User ID Registration page.
    Provider User Registration page
    1. At the beginning of the form there is a drop down box, click and highlight ePOC
    2. Your CCN is your federal Medicare Provider number or your PTAN number.
    3. Fill out all information boxes with an asterisk with your work information (work email address, work phone number)
    4. Follow the Password Rules for establishing your password (as this will be your password to access your ePOC account)
    5. Answer the questions accordingly.
  11. Upon completion, click submit.
    1. You will then be taken to a confirmation page. This page will provide you with your ePOC user id (MDSxxxxxxx). Please write down this id or print this page.
    2. The system will also generate an email to the email address entered in the registration form. In that email you will receive a 32 character activation key.
    3. Check your email (you will have to sign out to access your email). It can sometimes take several minutes for this email to appear.
    4. Copy this activation key and paste it somewhere you can easily access (such as a notepad or Word document).
  12. Log back into the QIES Technical Support Office and go to the registration page again by following steps 3 through 8.
  13. You should be back on the Registration page. At the top you should see a number of links.
    Provider User Registration page Activation link
    1. Click on Activation
      Provider User ID Activation screen
    2. Type in your ePOC user id (MDSxxxxxxx) which you would have gotten from the confirmation page on step 10a.
    3. Copy your activation key from your document from step 10d.
    4. Click Activate. You should then receive a confirmation that your account has been activated.
  14. Once the activation is accepted, you are now able to access the ePOC system.
  15. To get to the ePOC system, go back to the CMS QIES Systems for Providers page. See steps 3-7 above if you are unsure how to get back here.
  16. On this page, click the ASPEN Access (ePOC) link.
    CMS QIES Systems for Providers ASPEN link
  17. In the upper left hand corner click Aspen Web.
    Aspen Access page
  18. You will then be prompted to login using your ePOC user id (from step 10a) and password (from step 9d) and click login.
    ASPEN Web login screen
  19. A new screen will appear and you should Click the ePOC tab.
    ASPEN Web screen
  20. At the time of enrollment, enrollees must email MDH at so that we can enable your provider for ePOC in our internal database system.
  21. Congratulations and welcome to the online ePOC.

For existing MDS account users: Steps for using Access Update to add ePOC access to an existing MDS account

  1. Login to the CMS system and access the ePOC User Registration. This can be done from Minnesota’s MDS page or from the CMS QIES System for Providers link. If you are unsure of how to get here, follow steps 3 through 8 above.
  2. On the top of the registration page you should see a number of links.
    Provider User ID Registration page
    1. Click Access Update.
      Add Access to User Account screen
    2. Enter your MDS username and MDS password. Click submit. This should give you a confirmation that ePOC access has been added to your account.
  3. You can now access the ePOC system by following the steps above starting with step 14.

If you have any questions regarding this Information Bulletin, please contact in writing, the Minnesota Department of Health, Facility and Provider Compliance Division, Licensing and Certification Program, 85 East Seventh Place, Suite 300, PO Box 64900, St. Paul, MN 55164-0900,, or call 651-201-4101.

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