Information Bulletin 14-05: Case Mix Review Portal for Accessing Online Notices and Reports Now Available

Information Bulletin 14-05
NH -170
BCH -67

Case Mix Review Portal for Accessing Online Notices and Reports Now Available

Purpose and Overview

The purpose of this Information Bulletin is to inform Medicaid Certified Nursing and Boarding Care Homes that:

  • By mid-December of 2014, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will shut down the MDS State Reports link on the CMS MDS System website also referred to as CMS QIES. This website is currently used by the Case Mix Review (CMR) Program to post online reports and notices.
  • The Minnesota Department of Health developed a secure portal for facilities to access the CMR online notices and reports. The new CMR Portal will be available beginning November 10, 2014.
  • Medicaid-certified nursing and boarding care homes should transition to the new portal by mid-December 2014.
  • This Information Bulletin contains the instructions facilities will need to access the new CMR Portal.

How will facility staff access the CMR Portal?
Each facility must choose an individual they want to function as the CMR Portal Director. This individual must then create an account on the CMR Portal website following the instructions in this Informational Bulletin. Once this individual has been approved by CMR staff and assigned rights as the CMR Portal Director, the CMR Portal Director at each facility will have the following responsibilities: approving additional facility staff to be that individual facility’s users of the CMR Portal and deactivating staff members from that facility’s users list if they are no longer employed at the facility or no longer need access to the CMR Portal.

Once the CMR Portal Director’s account has been created, CMR Program staff will contact the facility administrator or director of nurses via phone to verify this is the individual the facility wants functioning in this capacity. Each facility will be allowed up to two users in addition to the CMR Portal Director. If a facility feels it cannot function with only the CMR Portal Director and two additional users, they may contact CMR Program staff to request additional users. This request needs to be sent via email to

How will I know I’ve been activated as the facility’s CMR Portal Director?
CMR Program staff will activate the CMR Portal Director’s account after verifying this is the individual the facility intends to serve as the CMR Portal Director. The facility’s CMR Portal Director will then receive an email from CMR Program staff indicating the account is active. After that, additional users may create accounts and the CMR Portal Director at that facility will approve them.

What does the CMR Portal Director do?
The CMR Portal Director must approve the users at that facility after those individuals have created accounts. In addition, the CMR Portal Director may function as a user to access CMR reports and classification notices. If one of the facility’s designated users leaves employment at the facility or is no longer going to be one of the facility’s designated users, it is the responsibility of the CMR Portal Director to de-activate that account so the individual cannot continue to access the system.

How often do passwords need to be changed?
Each CMR Portal Director and user must change his/her password at least once every 60 days. If you do not, the password will expire. Users will receive an email when their password is about to expire and will be prompted to change their password the next time they log in to the CMR Portal. To activate an expired account you need to send an email to CMR staff via email at

When should a SNF and/or NF provider begin using the CMR Portal?
A letter has been mailed to each facility’s administrator detailing the exact timeframe for each facility to begin using the CMR Portal. Each health care facility in Minnesota has a unique Health Facility Identification (HFID) number. This number is issued to the facility at the time it is licensed. Timeframes for accessing the CMR Portal were assigned based on each facility’s HFID number.

Beginning mid-December 2014, CMR reports and notices will be available ONLY through the CMR Portal.

Detailed Instructions for Creating a CMR Portal Account (PDF)

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