Information Bulletin 15-01: New Reporting Instructions for Nursing Homes, Boarding Care Homes and Swing Beds

Information Bulletin 15-01
NH 171
BCH 68

New Reporting Instructions for Nursing Homes, Boarding Care Homes and Swing Beds

Changes to Federal Reporting Process of All Alleged Violations Involving Mistreatment, Neglect, or Abuse, Including Injuries of Unknown Source Misappropriation of Resident Property, and Resident to Resident Abuse to the State Agency Under F223, F224, F225, F226, AND F323. Also Changes to Reporting of Alleged Violations of Maltreatment Under Minnesota Statutes § 626.557 (VAA). Effective July 1, 2015.


This informational bulletin provides notification and instructions to nursing homes, boarding care homes and swing bed providers regarding changes in federal reporting as required under F223, F224, F225, F226, AND F323, and reportable allegations of maltreatment under Minnesota Statute § 626.557 (VAA).

Nursing homes, boarding care homes and swing bed providers should keep submitting federal reports to the Office of Health Facility Complaints through the Web-based reporting system.

For the time being, some providers should continue to file their federal reports with the MDH Office of Facility Complaints, even though Minnesota is transitioning to a single common entry point for maltreatment reports July 1, 2015.

Nursing Home, Boarding Care Home and Swing Bed Providers who are required to file federal reports of alleged violations related to abuse, neglect, misappropriation of residents’ property, and resident to resident altercations, under F223, F224, F225, F226 and F323, should continue to file their reports with OHFC.

These providers will not use the Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center (MAARC) online system starting July 1, but will continue to submit federal reports through the OHFC web based reporting system.

Providers will need to submit only one report through OHFC, which will meet both the federal and state reporting requirements. OHFC will be creating a PDF file of each report and forwarding the report to the new common entry point MAARC on the providers’ behalf. PROVIDERS WILL NO LONGER BE REQUIRED TO FAX A COPY OF THE OHFC REPORT TO THE COUNTY COMMON ENTRY POINT (CEP).

These providers cannot use the common entry point at this time because it cannot accommodate federal reporting requirements. OHFC expects this work-around will have to continue for several months. Note, there are no changes to federal reporting requirements and no changes to submitting the 5-day investigation.

Single Common Entry Point Starts July 1, 2015, for Vulnerable Adult Complaints

All complainants who wish to file a vulnerable adult complaint will use the MAARC call center number (844-880-1574). Providers should post this number for staff, residents and families.

If a nursing home, boarding care home, or swing bed provider needs to make a state report under Minnesota Statutes, section 626.557, and it does not meet the definition of reportable under the federal regulations, providers should call the MAARC call center at the toll free number 844-880-1574. Providers should also call this number if an incident requires immediate emergency services. However, providers will still be responsible to file a federal report, if required, with OHFC.


Updated Tuesday, July 07, 2015 at 12:08PM