Minimum Data Set (MDS) - Quality Indicator Reports

July 1999

Informational Bulletin 99-14

[The manual titled "Facility Guide for the Nursing Home Quality Indicators" is intended as a guide for using QI reports in the national analytic reporting system. A copy of the manual can be downloaded from

The Nursing Home QI/QM manual is located at the bottom of the page under Guides and Manuals.]

Minimum Data Set (MDS)
Quality Indicator Reports

This bulletin contains information for nursing homes and certified boarding care homes regarding the nursing home quality indicator reports.

Effective Monday, July 26 all facilities will be able to access analytic reports, based on MDS submissions for their own facility.

Facilities will locate the Analytic Reports link on the HCFA MDS Welcome screen or by entering the analytic report URL in the browser which is

Once the facility has reached the address, they will be required to provide their facilities authorized User Name and Password, which are the same ones that are used to submit MDS data to the state system. So please protect these identifiers and passwords since they allow full access to facility and resident level information.

The manual titled "Facility Guide for the Nursing Home Quality Indicators" is intended as a guide for using QI reports in the national analytic reporting system. A copy of the manual can be downloaded from

It is also intended as an introduction to:

  • how a facility will access reports from the national standard reporting system;

  • how a facility can use QI Reports to help focus their internal quality improvement efforts; and

  • how the State survey agency will use QI Reports in the survey process.

There are four different reports that facilities can obtain:

  1. Facility Quality Indicator Profile;

  2. Facility Characteristics;

  3. Resident Quality Indicator Summary; and

  4. Data Submission Summary.

The MDS assessments are used in the calculation of the various QI reports based on the Reasons for Assessment as identified in Section AA8a (Primary Reason for Assessment) of the MDS 2.0. The table below provides a description of which assessments are used to calculate each of the distinct QI reports. The MDS assessments that are required for Medicare PPS (Section AA8b) are included in the QI reports only if Section AA8a is coded as described in the table.


Assessments Used for Quality Indicator Report

MDS 2.0 Section
AA8a - Primary Reasons
for Assessment

QI Reports


Facility Quality
Indicator Profile

Resident Level

1. Admission Assessment X Excluded X
2. Annual Assessment X X X
3. Significant Change in
Status Assessment
4. Significant Correction of
Prior Assessment
5. Quarterly Review
6. Discharged - Return Not
Excluded Excluded Excluded
7. Discharged - Return
Excluded Excluded Excluded
8. Discharged Prior to
Completing Initial Assessment
Excluded Excluded Excluded
9. Reentry Excluded Excluded Excluded
10. Significant Correction of
Prior Quarterly Assessments
0. NONE OF THE ABOVE Excluded Excluded Excluded


In order to ensure adequate response to questions regarding the Quality Indicator Reports, we have established an MDS Clinical Helpline at (651) 201-4313 and an E-mail address at You may leave a detailed message describing your issue and a Minnesota Department of Health representative will respond once an answer is determined.

As common themes become evident, these questions and responses will be posted on the Minnesota Department of Health website at: to provide clarification for all providers.

Questions On The Quality Indicators:

How to get connected, using the reporting tool, or any other technical question:
Brenda Boike, MDS Help Desk (651) 201-3817 or Greater Minnesota (toll free) 1-888-234-1315
E-mail address:

Clinical questions about the MDS assessment process:
(651) 201-4313
E-mail address:

This document will also be posted on the MDH Website:

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