Information Bulletins - 2003

Information Bulletins 2003

View and print the Key to Abbreviations for providers licensed, certified or registered through the Health Regulation Division.

No. Provider Key Name of Information Bulletin
NH-91 Long Term Care Resident Assessment Instrument User
Effective August 15, 2003

NH-90 Nursing Assistant Registry
Contact and MDH Web Site Information

All Providers Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)

All Providers Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
Information and Resources

Revised Long Term Care Resident Assessment
Instrument User's Manual, Version 2.0
December, 2002 - Effective January 1, 2003

NH-86 Posting Requirements: Direct Care Nursing Home Staffing

NH-85 Staffing and Census Data for Certified Nursing Homes
Clarification of Instructions for Forms Completion

NH-83 Case Mix System
Contact and Web Site Information

MHC-40 Medicare Certified Home Health Agencies
Definition of Skilled Services For Medicare
and non-Medicare Patients - Updated March 2007

All Providers To Providers Licensed, Certified and/or Registered By the Health Regulation Division of the Minnesota Department of Health

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