Information Bulletins 2010

View and print the Key to Abbreviations for providers licensed, certified or registered through the Health Regulation Division.

No. Provider Key Name of Information Bulletin
NH-152 Revised 6-16-2011 Nursing Home Regulatory Statewide Phone Calls
HOSP-57 Critical Access Hospital Regulatory Statewide Phone Call OBSOLETE 2-24-2012
HWS-24 2010 HWS Registration Renewals Delay and 2010 Legislative Changes  Revised 10-28-2010
NH-151 Video Conference on Self Reported Incidents: Guidelines for Reporting under Federal Regulations
Training Opportunity: Improving Event Investigation through Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
MHC-51 NOTICE: Conversion to OASIS Individual User ID
Strategic Approaches to Improving the Care Delivery System: Joint Provider and Surveyor/Investigator Training
All Providers Information and Guidelines for Healthcare Facilities and Providers in the Event of Spring Flooding or Other Natural Disasters
Replaces Information Bulletin 09-06
Nursing Home Regulatory Statewide Phone Calls - Updated June 2010
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