Information Bulletins 2012

View and print the Key to Abbreviations for providers licensed, certified or registered through the Health Regulation Division.

No. Provider Key Name of Information Bulletin
12-01 HOSP-60 Critical Access Hospital Regulatory Statewide Phone Call
12-02 NH - 158
MDS 3.0 Update Teleconference

NH - 159
BC- 61

Independent Informal Dispute Resolution Process for Nursing Facilities and Skilled Nursing Facilities Receiving a CMS issued Notice of Imposition of Civil Monetary Penalty (CMP-IIDR) letter for specified deficiency(ies) at Scope and Severity of G Level or above

12-04 HC-31 Home Care Regulatory Statewide Phone Calls
12-05 NH - 160

Process for Decertifying From The Medicare program while maintaining Medicaid certification.

12-06 NH - 161 End of Life (F309), Advanced Directives (F155), Feeding Tubes (F322/F321) REVISED FEDERAL NURSING HOME GUIDANCE
12-07 NH - 162 Nursing Home Regulatory Statewide Phone Calls


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