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New and Updated Information Bulletins

Information Bulletin 14-05
Case Mix Review Portal for Accessing Online Notices and Reports

Information Bulletin 14-04
Nursing Home Regulatory Statewide Phone Call

Information Bulletin 14-03
Home Health Agencies Federally Certified Informal Dispute Resolution Process

Information Bulletin 14-02
Tool: Federal Long Term Care Reportability Under F225 Injuries of Unknown Source

Information Bulletin 13-02
Tool: Federal Long Term Care Reportability for Abuse Under F225 Resident to Resident Altercations

Please Note: It is recommended that providers check the CMS Website weekly for new program letters, for information regarding the State Operations Manual updates, and for new updates on the MDS and OASIS websites.

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It will be the responsibility of the providers to check weekly for new information listed in the bulletins on this site, or at the CMS website. The website addresses referenced in the MDH Information Bulletins are correct at the time they are put out on this website. However, website addresses are subject to change. As we become aware of these changes we will update the bulletins.

New Information Bulletins and other pertinent information that has been posted will be flagged "NEW!".

If you find an address that does not work, please contact MDH/Compliance Monitoring Division at (651) 201-5956, or email us at

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QIS forms, QIS brochure, QIS resource manual and other QIS information

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CMS provides broadcasts for surveyor/provider training that are available to the public at this website. MDH strongly recommends that these be viewed by providers.

Live broadcasts can be viewed by members of the public by satellite coordinates provided on the site approximately 2 weeks prior to the broadcast. Archived webcasts can be accessed using this site.

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The individual bulletins can be accessed by clicking on the year, and then clicking on the number of the Bulletin.

To obtain a copy of these documents in an accessible format (large print or audio) please call (651) 201-4101. Not all the bulletins listed in this index are available online. Copies of most bulletins listed can be sent to you in the mail by calling (651) 201-4101.

Consumers with hearing or speech disabilities may call us through Minnesota Relay by dialing 7-1-1 or 1-800-627-3529. You may also contact us by calling the Minnesota Department of Health direct TDD/TYY number: (651) 201-5797.

Please note: All the information on this page and in the information bulletins is classified public and can be freely printed and distributed.

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