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Code of Federal Regulations
Critical Access Hospital Conditions of Participation

CFR485.601      Basis and scope.
CFR485.602      Definitions.
CFR485.603      Rural health network.
CFR485.604      Personnel qualifications.
CFR485.606      Designation and certification of CAHs
CFR485.608      Compliance with Federal, State, and local laws and regulations.
CFR485.610      Status and location.
CFR485.612      Compliance with hospital requirements at the time of application.
CFR485.616      Agreements.
CFR485.618      Emergency services.
CFR485.620      Number of beds and length of stay.
CFR485.623      Physical plant and environment.
CFR485.627      Organizational structure.
CFR485.631      Staffing and staff responsibilities
CFR485.635      Provision of services.
CFR485.638      Clinical records.
CFR485.639      Surgical services.
CFR485.641      Periodic evaluation and quality assurance review.
CFR485.643      Organ, tissue, and eye procurement.
CFR485.645      Special requirements for CAH providers og long-term care services ("swing-beds").

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