Code of Federal Regulations
Hospital Conditions of Participation

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CFR482.1      Basis and scope.
CFR482.2      Provision of emergency services by nonparticipating hospitals.
CFR482.11      Compliance with Federal, State and local laws.
CFR482.12      Governing body
CFR482.13      Patients' rights.
CFR482.21      Quality assurance.
CFR482.22      Medical staff.
CFR482.23      Nursing services.
CFR482.24      Medical record services.
CFR482.25      Pharmaceutical services.
CFR482.26      Radiologic services.
CFR482.27      Laboratory services.
CFR482.28      Food and dietetic services.
CFR482.30      Utilization review.
CFR482.41      Physical environment.
CFR482.42      Infection control.
CFR482.43      Discharge planning.
CFR482.45      Organ, tissue, and eye procurement.
CFR482.51      Surgical services.
CFR482.52      Anesthesia services.
CFR482.53      Nuclear medicine services.
CFR482.54      Outpatient services.
CFR482.55      Emergency services.
CFR482.56      Rehabilitation services.
CFR482.57      Respiratory care services.
CFR482.60      Special provisions applying to psychiatric hospitals.
CFR482.61      Special medical record requirements for psychiatric hospitals.
CFR482.62      Special staff requirements for psychiatric hospitals.
CFR482.66      Special requirements for hospital providers of long-term care services (``swing-beds'').

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