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Federal Certification Process for Home Health Agencies

This page contains reference material, forms and documents required for Medicare/Medicaid-certified home health agencies.

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Minnesota Home Care Licensing

All federally-certified home health agencies (HHAs) must have a Minnesota comprehensive home care license. Temporary comprehensive licensees may apply to become Medicare certified after being found in substantial compliance with the initial full survey and receiving a comprehensive home care license. Temporary licensees are not eligible for Medicare certification, nor are basic licensees.

Minnesota Statute / Medicare Equivalent Requirements

Medicare-Certified Home Health Agencies: All of the licensing requirements that passed in the 2013 legislative session and updated in the 2014 legislative session, including the state licensure regulations that are considered equivalent to the federal requirements per Minnesota Statutes, section 144A.477, can be found in this document. The relevant text is highlighted in yellow: Home Care Laws 2015 - Highlighted (PDF)

Responsibilities, Requirements and Resources for Federal Home Health Agency Certification

For the process required to make changes to your Medicare certification, please click on the specific link below:

Federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Guidelines and Program Letters

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Medicare Certified Home Care Bill of Rights

For clients receiving services from a Medicare Certified Home Health Agency:

For clients receiving services from a Medicare Certified Home Health Agency in a Housing With Services Assisted Living setting (as defined by Minn. Stat. Sec. 144G):

Survey Forms for Combined Federal Certification/State Licensure Survey

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Medicare Certified Home Health Agency Survey Results

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