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Class C Individual Para-Professional License

This page contains information and forms required to make application to operate as a licensed Class C Individual Para-Professional home care provider in the State of Minnesota. These forms are intended for use as reference. They can be downloaded and completed by individuals and organizations seeking to acquire an initial license.

Please do not use these forms to renew a current license. Currently licensed providers will receive separate notification and instructions for licensure renewal from the Department of Health.

Notification of Updates and Changes
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If you are unsure this is the correct license for your business or have questions, please contact the Home Care and Assisted Living Program at 651-201-5273 or email to obtain additional clarification.

Required Forms and Documents

Please read and understand all applicable documents, statutes and rules list below before making application for this license.

License Application (PDF: 36KB/7 pages)

Orientation to Home Care Services (Revised November 2010) (PDF: 40KB/9 pages)

Background Studies for New Owners (PDF: 142KB/3 pages)

Related Statutes and Rules

Minnesota Statutes | 144A.43 | 144A.44 | 144A.45 | 144A.46 | 144A.461 | 144A.465 | 144A.47 | 626.556 | 626.557 | 626.5572 |
Minnesota Rules | 4668 | 4669 | Fees |

Order a copy of the Home Care Licensure Laws from Minnesota's Bookstore

Licensing Requirements for Classes A, B, C & F (with Background)
The current licensing requirements for Classes A, B, C & F can be found in this document. This document includes Chapter 144A, Rules 4668 and 4669, as well as chapters 144D, 144G and the applicable sections of Min. Stat. 626.

Home Care Bill of Rights

For clients receiving services from a licensed-only home care provider:

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For more information on the new home care regulations (Comprehensive and Basic home care providers), see Home Care Licensing Changes 2013

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