Nursing Home Licensure and Certification

Nursing Home Licensure and Certification

This page contains information and forms required to make application to operate as a licensed Nursing Home in the State of Minnesota. These forms are intended for use as reference. Minnesota currently has a moratorium law (MN-Statute 144A-071) restricting the establishment of new nursing homes or the licensure of additional nursing home beds.

Please do not use these forms to renew a current license.
Currently licensed nursing homes will receive separate notification and instructions for licensure renewal from the Department of Health. If you have questions regarding this license, please contact the Licensing and Certification Program at 651-201-4101 or email to obtain additional clarification.

Required Forms and Documents

License Application (PDF)

Transfer Agreement - 7 County Metro (PDF)

Transfer Agreement - Non Metro Counties (PDF)

MinnesotaCare Tax

Related Statutes and Rules

Minnesota Statutes

144.651 | 144.652 | 144A.02 | 144A.03 | 144A.04 | 144A.05 | 144A.06 | 144A.07 | 144A.07
 | 144A.073 | 144A.08 | 144A.09 | 144A.10 | 144A.102 | 144A.105 | 144A.11 | 144A.115
 | 144A.12 | 144A.13 | 144A.135 | 144A.15 | 144A.154 | 144A.155 | 144A.161 | 144A.162
 | 144A.18 | 626.557 | 626.558 | Fees

Minnesota Rules


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Resident Bill of Rights

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Large Print

Federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

CMS - Survey & Certification - General Information

Medicare State Operations Manual (Click on Appendices Table of Contents)

Federal Nursing Home Regulation Resources

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