About the Nursing Assistant Registry

The Minnesota Department of Health maintains the Nursing Assistant Registry, which lists the names of individuals who have completed an approved nursing assistant training and testing program or testing program and meet state and federal requirements to work in nursing homes and certified boarding care homes.

This is not an online registry. Check the registry.

Before allowing an individual to work as a nursing assistant in nursing homes or certified boarding care homes, the facility must contact the Registry to verify that the nursing assistant has met competency evaluation requirements and maintained employment status. If a person is inactive, the Registry can be called to see if the person is eligible to have their status changed from inactive to active.

Purpose of the NA Registry
Who Can Work as an NA?
How to Get on the NA Registry
Interstate Endorsement Forms
How To Stay on the NAR
Registration Number
Duplicate NA Certificates
Name or Address Changes
NA Registry Update Form
NA Training and Testing
Training and Testing Program Sites
Study Materials For the Test
Prohibition of Charges
Findings of Abuse
How to Start an NA Training Program
Criminal Background Check
NA Registry Information for LPN and/or RN Students

Who Can Work as a Nursing Assistant?

1. An individual not on the Registry can be hired as a nursing assistant if they are immediately enrolled in an approved nursing assistant training course at the time of hire, complete the course and competency test and get on the Minnesota Registry within 4 months. The facility must assure that the person is competent to provide cares to residents.

Persons working for a temporary agency must be on the Registry before they are eligible to work in a nursing facility.

2. A person who has completed a training and competency evaluation program or competency evaluation program approved by Minnesota and is on the Registry.

3. A person who can prove completion of a nursing assistant training and competency evaluation program or competency evaluation program approved by Minnesota but is not yet on the Registry.

Persons may provide the fax back score report which indicate the individual passed both parts of the test. It may take up to 4 weeks to get placed on the Registry. The facility cannot assume the nursing assistant will get on the Registry based on the fax back score report. The facility must verify placement on the Registry.

4. Persons opting to challenge the test without having taken an approved nursing assistant training program MAY NOT WORK AS A NURSING ASSISTANT UNTIL THEY HAVE PASSED BOTH THE WRITTEN AND SKILLS PORTION OF THE TEST. They do not have 4 months to get on the Registry if they challenge the test without completing a nursing assistant training course.  Back To Top

How to Get on the Nursing Assistant Registry

1. Successfully complete an approved nursing assistant training and competency evaluation program in Minnesota.
2. Successfully pass the Minnesota approved competency test for nursing assistants.
3. Currently be in good standing on the nursing assistant Registry in another state and have worked a minimum of 8 hours as a nursing assistant in that state in the past 24 months.           Back To Top

Interstate Endorsement Forms


Complete the Interstate Endorsement Forms if you wish to transfer your certificate to the Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registry from another state. Please read and follow the directions on the form(s) carefully. Incomplete forms will delay your transfer to the Minnesota Registry and will be returned to you.
Interstate Endorsement Forms (PDF: 143KB/4 pages)

Interstate Endorsement Forms can now be submitted electronically. Please Note: Only Interstate Endorsement Forms will be processed from this site.
Instructions to Upload Files for Interstate Endorsement to NA Registry (PDF: 19KB/1 page)

There is NO PROCESSING FEE for the Minnesota Registry.

If you need additional help completing these forms, please contact the Nursing Assistant Registry by telephone or in writing:

Between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday thru Friday
Telephone: 651-215-8705
Toll Free, Greater Minnesota 1-800-397-6124

Nursing Assistant Registry
P.O.Box 64501
St. Paul, Minnesota 55164-0501

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How to Stay on the Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registry

Nursing assistants must report their nursing assistant employment. You must perform independently at least 8 hours of paid nursing assistant duties every 24 months to stay on the Registry. (A lapse in employment over 24 months will result in an inactive status on the Registry). Tasks must be similar to those performed in a nursing home. Orientation and training will not be accepted.


You must attach a copy of a recent pay stub from the employer.



There is no inservice requirement specifically related to the Nursing Assistant Registry. The Registry does not monitor inservice and inservice is not required to stay on the Registry. Nursing homes or boarding care homes must follow state and federal regulations.  Back To Top

Registration Number

Minnesota uses the nursing assistant's social security number as the certificate number.     Back To Top

Duplicate Nursing Assistant Certificates

The Registry does not maintain copies of nursing assistant certificates. You can only order a duplicate certificate if you have tested within the past 24 months. There will be a charge for the duplicate certificate. Please contact Pearson Vue at 1-800-274-0504 for details.    Back To Top

Name or Address Change

Name changes must be reported to the Registry by sending a copy of your marriage certificate, divorce decree or court order that changed your name. Include your social security number and address on this document. You can call the Registry to make an address change.   Back To Top

Nursing Assistant Registry Update Form

Complete the Nursing Assistant Registry Update Form if you are currently on the Registry and need to change or add information to your file.

Nursing Assistant Registry Update Form (PDF: 32KB/1 page).     Back To Top

Nursing Assistant Training and Testing

Federal regulations have specific training and testing requirements for nursing assistants in long term care facilities. The training program must consist of a minimum 75 hours of training. Minnesota has 2 approved curriculums. One curriculum was developed by Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and the other curriculum was developed by the American Red Cross. In addition to nursing assistant training, some training sites offer home health aide training. Testing must be done at an approved test site.     Back To Top

Training and Testing Program Sites

A list of approved training and test sites can be found at: Locating Minnesota's Nursing Assistant Training/Testing Sites

Study Materials For the Test

A candidate handbook which gives an overview of the test, including skills that may be tested, is available through an approved test site. This handbook and a sample written test are also available at: Test Taker Services: Minnesota Nurse Aides & Home Health Aides   Back To Top

Prohibition of Charges

A nursing assistant who is employed by or has received an offer of employment from a certified nursing home or boarding care home as a nursing assistant prior to beginning a nursing assistant training and competency evaluation program may not be charged for any portion of the training program and the compentence evaluation.

The cost of training and testing varies by training sites. Please contact the training site for the cost of their training and testing programs.   Back To Top

Reimbursable Expenses

Nursing assistants who pay for the cost of their training and testing prior to employment are eligible for reimbursement. The nursing assistant has 1 year from completion of the test to turn in receipts requesting reimbursement. The facility has 90 days to reimburse the nursing assistant. If the nursing assistant does not remain employed as a nursing assistant for 90 days, the nursing home is under no obligation to reimburse the nursing assistant. The first nursing home the nursing assistant stays at for a least 90 days would then be responsible to reimburse the nursing assistant if it has been 1 year or less since completion of the test. Only certified nursing homes or boarding care homes are required to reimburse a nursing assistant.   Back To Top

Findings of Abuse, Neglect or Misappropriation of Property

Complaints about a nursing assistant must be called into the Office of Health Facility Complaints (OHFC) at 651-201-4201 or 1-800-369-7994. An investigation must be completed before a finding can be substantiated and entered onto the Registry.

If a person has a finding of maltreatment on the Registry and someone calls to verify if a nursing assistant is on the Registry, the caller will be automatically transferred to a Registry representative.

If there is a finding of maltreatment on the Registry, the nursing assistant is prohibited from working in a nursing facility.   Back To Top

How to Start a Nursing Assistant Training Program

1. Contact Bonnie Wendt at the Nursing Assistant Registry 651-201-4127 for application form.
2. Must have qualified instructor.

A qualified instructor is a Registered Nurse with a minimum of two years of nursing experience in the US, at least one year which must be in provision of long term care facility services. Instructor must attend Train the Trainer if training program nursing home based or independent. Train the Trainer is offered through Minneapolis Community and Technical College. Please call Loretta at 612-659-6504 for dates of training and registration form.

3. A nursing home must be available for the clinical portion of the training. The nursing home has not had an extended or partial extended survey; has not operated with a waiver of the 8 hour per day registered nurse requirement; has not been assessed a civil money penalty of $5000 or more; or has not had a denial of payment enforced within past 2 years.

4. Must have agreement with college to provide testing for student completing training.

5. Send completed application including all required information and agreements to Bonnie Wendt.    Back To Top

Criminal Background Check

The Registry does not maintain records of background checks. Questions regarding a background check should be directed to the Department of Human Services, Background Studies and Investigation Section at 651-296-3971.
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NA Registry Information for LPN and/or RN Students

  • If you do not work as a paid nursing assistant, your certificate is only valid for 24 months from date of issue.
  • There is no waiver process for a NA certificate to extend beyond 24 months.
  • You cannot receive a duplicate certificate if you have tested in Minnesota over 24 months ago.
  • If you have current status on the MN NA Registry, you can request a letter that indicates current status and expiration date. This can be done by following the verbal prompts of the Registry at (651) 215-8705.
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