Provider Key Abbreviations

Provider Key Abbreviations

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Providers licensed, certified or registered through the MDH Health Regulation Division, and the abbreviations, are listed below.

*Provider description and/or key not in use

Provider Key
Ambulatory Surgical Centers ASC
Board and Lodging with Special Services* B&L/SS*
Boarding Care BC
Certified Boarding Care Home CBC
Community Mental Health Center CMHC
Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility CORF
Critical Access Hospitals* CAH*
End Stage Renal Dialysis Centers ESRDs
Home Care Provider: Licensed HC
Housing with Services Settings HWS
Hospice Hospice
Hospital* HOSP
Hospital (includes CAH) HOSP
Intermediate Care Facility for the Mentally Retarded ICF/MR
Laboratories CLIA
Mammography MM
Medicare Certified Home Health Agency MHC
Nursing Home: Licensed* NH
Nursing Home: Certified* NH
Nursing Home: Licensed or Certified NH
Outpatient Occupational Therapy* REHAB
Outpatient Physical Therapy* REHAB
Outpatient Speech Therapy* REHAB
Outpatient Physical/Speech/Occupational Therapy REHAB
Outpatient Surgical Center OSC
Psychiatric Hospitals Psych Hosp*
Psychiatric Hospitals PSYCH
Rural Health Clinics RHC
Supervised Living Facilities SLF
Supplemental Nursing Services Agency SNSA

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